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Attract more Students To Your School Using Video Marketing

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Video is an important tool used by smart brands to attract clients via an online marketing strategy.
A lot of schools now use videos as marketing tools to improve their brand’s image by far. 

Video marketing can easily be used to gain the attention of parents. 

You first have to grab their attention, before you can convert them into clients. 

That’s why it is common to see smart schools regularly posting video content on their social media pages or websites. 

For it to work properly, the video content should be intriguing and mesmerizing to ensure they stay tuned, and let your message sink into them.

You can easily benefit from video marketing and capture your clients - prospective parents’ attention by doing the following:
1. Ensure The Video Content Is Authentic
play Attract more Students To Your School Using Video Marketing
Gone are those days, when the videos have to be long, staged, while being targeted solely to the adults. 

The school videos should be interesting for both kids and their parents. 

Most times, the kids can determine what schools their parents would enroll them in. 

To ensure it works well, the videos have to be centered towards the students, short, and a bit unpolished. 

See an example of a short and interesting video we handled for a client.
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2. Make it short
play Attract more Students To Your School Using Video Marketing
It can be from thirty seconds to four minutes, based on what the video content is. and it should also be focused on the student so that as a student advances in age, he takes a greater role in choosing the school he or she wants to attend. 

This is why the videos should not be boring, or harsh to the prospective student. 

Opt for a peer driven content.

Watch a peer driven content video we created for a client below.
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3. Ensure the transitions are done frequently and fast

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While keeping it sweet and short, ensure you don’t bore your audience with the unfamiliarity of your brand. 

If you have to do interviews that will take a longer while, cut some parts and ensure they do not extend four minutes. 

It’s not how long the video is, but how well it will engage them, and get them interested. 

A four-minute video, or something lesser than that done well will intrigue your audience better than a ten-minute video.
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4. Get A Great Marketing Distribution

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There are different places that you can host your video. 

It can be Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook or YouTube. 

Use a channel that has your target audience, which are students and parents of course and get your content out there. 

You can embed, into your web pages, or a video player, while ensuring that it is branded clearly. 

Ensure that your new content is posted on your different social media pages.
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5. The Video Marketing Should Be Aligned With Your School Brand

You may be tempted to create a loopy and spontaneous content, but that will not be right. Ensure that the video content align to the style and tone of your school. 

Let the video content improve your school’s message, and ensure it is not a bad one.

See an example of how video marketing can help a school.
play Attract more Students To Your School Using Video Marketing
So there you have it.

I hope with these few points you will be able to take your video marketing campaign to the next level and get more students to your school.

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