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Attract More Hotel Customers Using Video Marketing

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Video marketing is a great tool for a lot of niches, and can be seen as an important tool in hospitality marketing.

There are many brands in the hospitality business and standing out is not easy. 

That's where video marketing comes into play. 

It can help your hospitality brand increase awareness and internet traffic.

People remember only thirty percent of what they view, twenty percent of what their ears hear, and seventy percent of what they both see and hear. 

Instead of relying solely on visual marketing like many brands in the hotel industry, you can take it up a notch and introduce a video marketing strategy.

In this article, we are going to show you five ways to get more customers to your hotel using video marketing.

What you will learn in this article:

1. Many Humans Are Lovers Of Videos

2. A Great Option

3. Videos Increase Website's Visitors

4. Video Marketing Builds Trust Of Clients

5. Videos Encourage Shares
1. Humans Are Lovers Of Videos.
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A lot of people are in love with videos because they easily understand them, hence they become great tools for delivering the messages when compared to other kinds of media.

 About eighty percent of those using the internet will prefer, any time, to watch a video than read. 

Many people will prefer to watch a movie than read the book the movie was adapted from.

The video content will aid your audience to feel what it will be like to be inside your hotel. 

Using the video marketing will help your hotel reach a wider audience.

See a video we created for one of our clients below.

play Attract More Hotel Customers Using Video Marketing
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2. A Great Option

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A lot of people use both Google and YouTube, and Google is partial to videos posted on YouTube because they own it. 

YouTube has a lot of users, with over a billion people using it daily. 

This means that YouTube will promote you only if the content is in video form. 

You can easily reach a large number of potential clients by using video content.

Ensure that you add descriptions and titles to the videos you decide to upload on YouTube, as well as a website's link.

Facebook is another channel that you can use too. You can run live videos, or a video tab, as well as a 360-degree video. 

This will increase the traffic to your website, where you can easily convert the visitors to clients. 

Ensure that the video content doesn't bore your potential clients.
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3. Videos Increase Website's Visitors
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Videos are known to increase the traffic to one's website. 

About 65% of people first watched a video of a hotel before they visited the hotel's website, according to Forbes. 

It was the video that convinced them to give the hotel a trial.

So create a stunning marketing video for your hotel business today.

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4. Video Marketing Builds Trust With Clients
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It is important that you build the trust of your clients and potential clients because it is trust that brings about conversion and sales. 

Videos are known go improve trust because the potential clients will truly know if your hotel has what it claims to have by watching it.
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5. Videos Encourage Shares
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When a video is interesting, your potential guests will become intrigued and share the video.

 As they share it on their social media pages, they are advertising your brand. 

This will ensure your brand reaches a larger market, thereby improving your ROI.
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