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Attract More Event Guests Using Video Marketing

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Attracting More Event Guests Using Video Marketing is a great online marketing objective that can be used to easily promote your events business to clients. Video marketing has been used for a while by smart events planners to promote their business and services. 

These are some statistics that can be used to encourage you to use video Marketing for your events business. 

• People prefer to watch a video before they read a text in a website, according to Diode Digital. 

• According to Forrester Research, to many visitors, a minute length of video is as good as 1.8 million words.
• Vidyard believes that a video sited on a landing page improves the rate of conversion by over eighty percent. 

• According to Hubspot, the video has a way of increasing, from search engines, an organic traffic of 157%. 

• According to Forrester Research, sending a video in a mail increases the click. 

• Insivia notes that ninety percent of people felt that video helped make their minds up to patronize a business or brand.
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Video Marketing can help promote services and your products, as an event planner. It goes further to promote whatever events you decide to host.

To create the perfect videos for your events business, it is important to follow the following tips.
The Video Should Be Interesting
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The video should be interesting if it is to properly engage your potential clients, and bring about a greater ROI. You can create an interesting video of your venue, and keep your audience spellbound. You may want to cramp a lot of contents into the video, thereby increasing the length. This will only bore your audience. Whatever content that is put in there should not leave them yawning. Creating video to promote your event If you want to promote your event, there is no greater way to do it but to use the video to let them know what they will enjoy if they attend. The video should be filled with the action and vibrancy of the event to get them to attend. 
Place It On Your Website
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Ensure your video is displayed on your website, and above all, do not bore your audience. 
Use A 360 Degree Video
play Attract More Event Guests Using Video Marketing
Many event businesses now opt for 360 degree video to show their potential guests what they will enjoy if they come for the event. They use this video to show around an event space without the person having to come over. A lot of internet users want to be entertained at every point in time even when they are watching a video, showcasing a business, its products or service

Watch the video above to see how 360 degree cameras work for an event.
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