Point of View

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Executive Summary:

POV is a series that shows how one action is interpreted in different ways by different people and it is on that basis we get judged.


Each season is featured in a different environment A season is 13 episodes long Each episode, which is 6-7 minutes long, showcases 2 – 3 points of view (POV) of a single event or series of events. The POVs are brought alive by voice overs of the main characters, which support the actions and dialogues. The first season is called “Room C1” and is set in a hospital environment.


WOLA is a pretty young lady visiting the hospital to see a loved one. Right from the moment she walks in through the hospital door, she is thought of in different lights – prostitute, damsel, wife material. Her singular visit is seen from different perspectives as she visits a loved one as well as understand why her fiancée, PITAN ended their relationship without an explanation.