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How many times have you bought items you needed online?



Three times?

Or you probably even lost count, in any case you are not alone. From grocery shopping to even buying houses and cars, it is no longer news that many persons would start their search online when looking to buy new items. Competition is no longer limited to local shops during business hours. Consumers today are shopping all the time and everywhere; and in a truly global online marketplace, products can easily be purchased from retailers and manufacturers located anywhere in the world—or from those with no physical retail locations at all.

As a Brand or Business owner at this time, its no doubt your online presence will greatly influence the outreach of your brand. You might wonder if your product or services will find its audience on the internet, and a short answer to that is yes. All over the world, 4.57 billion people spend an average of 5 hours everyday on the internet, and if you have a 9 to 5 , that’s more than half the time many persons spend on their actual jobs. So you can be sure that with the right strategy, you can sell anything online. But what exactly do you need to do to get customers online?

How to Find Customers Online

The problem with most brands or businesses is finding the right space for them to give their business that online authority. We can relate that at a time like this, what most products or services should have, is good branding and packaging to sell anything online. This way, you can meet anybody online and convert them to customers. Irrespective of what you sell, you will need an objective, strategic plans to reach your goals and tactics to get your brand in the faces of your potential customers.

Setting An Objective

To meet your customers when you set about putting your business online, have a goal of reaching a specific number of followers/leads by the end of a month or two. Depending on your brand and what you sell, look for the mot probable social platform to get this. According to Statista, the average number of time people spend online per day is 144 minutes. Thats enough time to sell your brand with catchy templates, captions, photos, and short videos.

For most businesses, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter host a large number of people that will definitely buy into whatever you sell. For more sophisticated social platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora and the likes, you can also get your customers provided you follow set examples in Strategy and Tactics.

Strategies to Get Customers

For the objective set, what plans do you have to reach this goal in that period of time? For whatever product or service you offer, educate people on problems, challenges, or curiosity that your products and services will solve. That should be your first plan, when you create awareness around situations, you can then introduce why and how your products and services will solve people’s problems. What do people love more than getting people who make their lives much easier?

Tactics on Getting Customers

After you set your plans on getting customers, follow trends that make Brands popular on the internet.

Run online competitions around your Brand that are sure to attract and reward people, hence, turning them to customers. Give free samples, hold discount sales or free trials on services, partner with influencers, write engaging content or ask blogs to, advertise with meaningful content, apply your services to real-life situations and document it, and award referrals. For partnering with advertisement companies, use many small ones rather than one big company.

There are no limits to what you can do to get customers online for your brand. The world depends on a lot of things from the internet now and you can definitely make your brand one of those things. It might be hard for Startups, which is why you should set your expectations low, build trust with people and go big from there. A better tip is to study your competitors if your product is something already out there and if it’s the first of its kind, creating awareness on situations around your product is your best shot. Remember to always ask customers you get online to always leave feedback and reviews as this will greatly influence other people in buying into what you sell.

With 59 percent of the global population actively using the internet daily, the world really lives online and regardless of what products or services you have to offer, there is an audience for it online. I know you’re ready to get started and all the steps above can seem overwhelming. Contact us today so we can take the load off you and sort it out on your behalf.