Clutch Recognizes Rushing Tap as Top Video Production Agency in Nigeria!

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In today’s content-driven world, video marketing is an exceptionally effective means of communication. A stunning video can optimally showcase your brand’s story and vision to the world.

When you don’t have the in-house resources to handle production, relying on a third-party vendor is a sure-fire way to create something memorable.

That being said, finding a reliable vendor is easier said than done. One major problem is that the digital arena is saturated with amateur content creators. A google search for “video production agency” yields thousands of results.

You need an experienced, skilled provider — but how do you discern one agency from another?

While it might sound mundane, customer reviews are a tried and true method of assessing a company’s reliability. Just like how Yelp reviews can validate a restaurant you’re scoping out, company reviews can indicate a service provider’s ability to deliver.

Clutch is a site that addresses this specific need. Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform whose mission is to guide the outsourcing process. They conduct industry research and publish real reviews of B2B engagements. We’re proud to declare that Rushing Tap has received excellent reviews!

We’re also thrilled to announce that Clutch has recognized us for being among the top agencies in Nigeria!

This recognition means a lot to us. Clutch’s robust research team analyzes hundreds of providers in the region before selecting only the very best. We’ve managed to beat out the rest.

We’d love to take this opportunity to share a recent rave review we received.

In this project, we produced television commercials for a communications firm, who was hired by the EU to promote their work. We spearheaded end-to-end video production, shooting amazing footage of rural areas to showcase EU-driven interventions.

And what can we say? Our client was thrilled with our work!

We only consider ourselves successful by way of our clients’ success, so we love nothing more than a radiant review like this one.

So head on over to Clutch and read about our projects! And, while you’re at it, contact us to start a project today!