Simple Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Any brand that wants to go to the market or is already in it and needs to increase revenue needs to apply effective marketing strategies as it is essential in today’s world.

Many times we are carried away by the whirlwind of the business day-to-day and we forget to stop and think, analyze again the objectives set and establish the best marketing strategies for our product and service.

Effective, efficient, and ROI (return on investment) oriented marketing strategies.


In this post, we propose 5 simple and effective marketing strategies that should not be missing from your annual work plan and that any entrepreneur can implement to help their business grow.


1.- Do a brand guide

The brand guide is the document that includes the brand concept, the design standards, and document drafting. This guide should collect the branding details of elements such as:

  • All logos (in their formats and variations). In the wrong way, many people tend to reduce the branding of a brand only to the logo, but more elements are part of their creative universe.
  • Visual effects: color palette, fonts and type combinations, effects, styles, and graphic elements.
  • Textual content style: how the text develops within the layout. Get a FREE  Brand Guide for your business


2.- Use Emails

This strategy consists of using e-mail strategically to establish communications and relationships with clients and prospects. It is one of the most effective strategies and with amazing results, and conversion rates.

  • Massive emails are useless! Capture data from qualified profiles.

We must establish mechanisms to obtain data from profiles similar to those of our target to establish subsequent contact with them. There are many options. From a pop up on our blog to the emails that our customers leave in the shopping cart.

  • We are talking about communication, therefore this means conveying valuable messages and not always sending promotions and discounts.

We must establish a content line for each subscriber list created. Where we transfer information of interest: tips, tricks, special offers, new uses of the product or service, etc.

  • Create subscriber lists. It is essential to segment our list once again to avoid sending the same thing to the entire database.

Does it sound familiar? I understand that it is because all those emails are the ones that go to the Spam folder. So segment your subscribers by type, consumption, habits, interests, etc., by the consistent variables. You will see how the CTR (Click Through Rate) goes up.


3.- Guide on social media posts

It is the basis of all digital marketing because we all go to the digital world to search for information and data. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a guide on social media posts so that you can know how your brand is positioned on social media. This guide will be closely related to your brand guidelines and may be changed over time.

The importance of this tool lies in the fact that you should not stop doing your work tasks to schedule the publications in all your social media (since your presence is essential) and you can have everything organized in one place so that your publications are made when needing and automatically.

Your guide must contain: short texts, a specific tone, any text must be written grammatically correct, you must use emojis to make it more attractive, use hashtags, and multimedia content. Our team at Rushing Tap can help you get started with Social Media Marketing.

4.- Video Creation

Closely related to the previous point because the video is still an audiovisual content that must capture the attention and interest of the viewer.

In an environment in which there are more and more websites, in which there is more and more content of all kinds, we must seek differentiation; and video may be the solution. That is why you need free automated video creation tools with which you can edit your videos and launch them directly from there to your different social media.

Just keep in mind, you have to find the right duration for your audience to consume it since the content of a shorter duration is more consumed. In this way, you can make demonstrations of your products or services, or tell the storytelling of the brand. Let’s help you start creating awesome videos for your brand.

5.- Creating and implementing a sales funnel

The sales funnel is the methodology that we use to define and plan the steps that a user has to take to meet one or more objectives and we use it for different reasons, but the most important thing is that you understand that a funnel is synonymous with planning and conversions.

In this way, by applying this strategy you can reduce the number of steps a user takes to become a lead or customer, which means that you will get results quickly. Also, you turn your website into a conversion machine because you optimize everything and generate funnels for recruitment and online sales; you can offer exclusive offers and discounts for users who are interested in your product or service; we can better understand the needs of our clients and cultivate our relationship with them in a more effective and personalized way.

There is no doubt that if you implement these simple steps of marketing strategy you will get good results. These strategies should not be missing in your online marketing plan, because they are currently working effectively to improve your online communication with your customers and make your business grow.