Ways of generating leads for your business

How To Generate Leads For Your Business With Instastory And IGTV

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With Instagram eclipsing one billion users, you have a lot of work to do using Instagram to generate sales for your business. Simply means, making best use of each Instagram feature.

Instastory and IGTV are the most popular and used Instagram feature, which is perfect to generate leads for your business. IGTV was made for videos, and the great thing about it is that you have your very own channel.  You need to keep in mind that unlike Youtube, videos are vertical on IGTV and the maximum length is 60 minutes. Keep it engaging and creative. Videos are vertical on IGTV, so you always need to keep that in mind when creating your content. Videos are also capped at 60 minutes in length.


 How to Generate Leads For Your Business With Instastory & IGTV


Optimize your page

Upload a good picture. Have a well-written bio that explains everything about your business: Who you are, What you Sell, Why a viewer/visitor should care about your business, location, contact details, and other important information.

Ways of generating leads for your business


Link in Bio

This is a major tool for generating leads on Instagram. With several link-opening sites these days, it’s easy to add more than one link to your bio. Check out linktree


Repurpose your old content

Use them to chat with your audience, hold contests and create engaging videos. Don’t stop there. You could use IGTV to host a pre-planned FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) session. Just gather together some of the most popular questions that your customers have been asking you, and upload a video on IGTV to answer them in-depth.

Ways of generating leads for your business


Use Instastory stickers

Instastory has a lot of stickers and features to help to engage your customers such as QnA (Question & Answer), Poll, Chat.


How-to Videos

How-to videos in particular work really well for lead generation because a major stumbling block that’s preventing conversions could be that your customers simply don’t know how to use your product. To remedy this, you can create a short, actionable how-to video that demonstrates exactly why your product was made, who it was made for and how to use it.


Customer’s Spotlight

To give credibility to your brand, have a segment to promote your customers. Showing different ways to style /use your product or how your service has been beneficial to them.

Ways of generating leads for your business via Instastory and IGTV


Cross-Promote your videos & use hashtags

Don’t just make a video and leave it on your page, promote it on every social media platform, get your friends to share on their pages. Including relevant industry hashtags are icing on the cake. These actions increase your brand awareness and sales for your business.

Taking actions with these steps, your lead generation is guaranteed. Don’t forget you have a free consultation with us.