simple tips for creating great youtube videos

Simple Tips For Creating Great Youtube Videos

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YouTube is unarguably the largest online video platform. It is used by billions of users and is therefore a tool you need to take advantage of if you want to create videos for marketing purposes.

To get the best out of YouTube, your videos must be high quality. It must also include content that is enjoyable and relevant to your audience. The following tips will help you achieve this and more.



 Make Your Introduction Catchy And Entertaining

make your video intro entertaining

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The introduction of your video is very important. The first couple of seconds of your video is the deciding factor to whether people watch your video in full or click out after a few seconds. So, you must ensure you create a catchy intro that is entertaining, tells your audience what your video is about and how it can benefit or educate them.


 Create Content On Interesting And Relatable Topics

create content on interesting topics

 Your videos can be of the highest quality possible but if they’re not focused on topics viewers are interested in or want to learn more about, then your views are going to be very limited. Take the time to research interesting topics using tools like social media and Google Trends and plan your video content before creating videos for your YouTube channel. Learn more about how to create great content here.


 Make Long Videos 

The trick to improving watch time and ranking higher on YouTube is to make longer videos. Ideally, your videos should be about 15 minutes in length. What you absolutely want to avoid is creating long videos just for the sake of it that end up dragging on and becoming a bore to your audience after the 5th minute. So, keep the timeframe in mind when planning your video content.



 Design Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Eye-catching thumbnails depicting excitement are great for youtube videos

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 Thumbnails are another key to getting people to click on your video. An eye-catching thumbnail will achieve this when your videos are suggested to viewers. Your thumbnail should include an image that teases your story with an expression of emotion, such as excitement that draws in viewers. It should also match your video title and content. This encourages viewers to stay tuned once they click on your video.



 Promote Your Content With End Screens

 You can use end screens at the end of your videos to direct people to your other content such as videos, another YouTube channel or your website. This is great as it helps you to direct traffic to other sources that will boost your video and content marketing efforts and help you achieve your business goals.


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great for promoting videos. However, if your goal is to reach a wider audience and get the best out of video marketing, then YouTube is the best place to be. Once you get the hang of creating videos for YouTube then it’s a breeze. But if you want to get started quickly and with no hassle then we can do all that and more for you. Get the help you need today and be on your way to creating the best YouTube videos.