tips for promoting your business via video

5 SME Pro Tips For Promoting Your Business Via Video.

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Doing business these days requires you promoting your business via video to your customers. But it’s not just about being in their inbox, it has to be done creatively to avoid spamming them.

Videos are a great way to creatively put your business out there and in the minds of your customers. There are different kind of videos which can be done to promote your business such as stop-motion, slideshow, gifs, live videos, How-tos, video testimonials. etc.

Video Marketing is a marketing strategy used to introduce and promote products and services to the target audience through video. According to HubSpot, “2019 is the year for video as a holistic business approach, meaning video content will be produced by all businesses in a conversational, actionable, and measurable way.”

promoting your business via video

Here are 5 SME Pro Tips for promoting your business via video


Tailor your Video to your Audience

It’s one thing to make a video and another to ensure it’s right for your audience. The fact that video marketing is on trend, does not mean just any video is suitable to your audience. You have to study your audience, know what they like and find how to keep them focused on your business and product.


Use Email Marketing

Email marketing helps to reach the target audience as well as extend the relationship with your customers. Including videos in newsletters increase the open rate. It also increases the chance of them sharing your newsletter to their network.

promoting your business via video



   Keep your editing process as simple as possible

In as much as you want to attract viewers and have them glued to your content, you have to keep your editing process simple. Adding lots of transitions and filters is not good. It takes their attention from your product and makes the video look clumsy. Keep your video as simple, clean and understandable as possible. Sometimes, Less is More.

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    Always end your videos with a Call-To-Action

You’ve made a great video; visuals good, words eloquent, your business showcased. But what are your viewers supposed to do after watching it? Comment a good job or go ahead and purchase from you? You have to add a Call To Action after every video either in the caption or in the video itself, that way you create a prompt action for your viewers and more sales for you.


  Enhance your marketing effort with a well-produced video

Making videos with your phone and apps is good but you need to enhance your marketing effort with a professional video made by experts, this can be once in a while and when done nicely, it can be recycled often. Professional videos have quality planning, strategy, visuals, sound and are more polished than amateur videos.

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