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Increase Your Hotel Bookings With Video Marketing In 2019

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Marketing your hotel encompasses a huge array of marketing, skills, and strategies. Of all these strategies, Video Marketing for hotels is the easiest way to pass your message across to your audience.

There’s much to consider when developing a digital marketing plan for your hotel. What online channels should you prioritise? How do you optimise the tools you use? What content converts the most? How do you track and measure results to make adjustments? Who do you work with to help achieve your potential?

Video Marketing done well, means potential guests will be impacted by your brand wherever they are in their buyer journey. Your brand always stays in their mind and they automatically think of your when they need a hotel. Video marketing gives potential guests a vivid image of what they are to expect and feels them with a sense of comfort before they get to the hotel.

If you don’t know what voice to speak with, or who you’re speaking to, your message will fall through the cracks. These two focus points will inform how you plan the rest of your hotel marketing strategies, and both are linked to each other. The brand’s tone and voice will ultimately impact the kind of guests you attract.

video marketing for hotels

(Photo: Leola Hotels/Lagos, Nigeria)

How Video Marketing For Hotels Can Improve Booking Rate

When deciding on a voice for telling your brand story, a hotel has to factor in the visuals. Your business is solely based on providing comfort to people so your content has to speak that fat. This is where video marketing for hotels can be an advantage. With videos people can see your story without having to imagine. They do not base theirunderstanding on imaginations but on the actual physical facts.

When you’re describing comfort, they don’t have to close their eyes and picture it. They can walk through the rooms, the restaurant, the reception and see an exact feel of what they are to expect. There is no mistaking facts or assuming, it’s all there in the video, the very essence of the hotel.

Statistics show that 66% of travelers watched travel-related videos before booking their trip and videos give potential customers a better sense of authenticity and trust. This numbers show the risk you run if you aren’t employing a video marketing strategy to attract and convert potential guests.

One of the reasons people embrace technology and any online resource is because it clarifies and accelerates their experience. It speeds up their decision process and helps them compare before buying. Your video marketing strategy has to be able to stand the competition when compared to other hotels.


video marketing for hotels

(Photo: Leola Hotels/Lagos, Nigeria)

How can we help?

If you are a small hotel trying to market on a budget. Rushing Tap can help you come up with a plan that helps you reach your audience without breaking the bank. Running ad campaigns on social media is extremely under priced when compared to the results it brings to the table. We can help you get started by using your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to look at the exisitng data you have and how many customers you currecntly serve. We will then employ strategies to help increase the numbers.

As the campaign progresses and your awareness and engagement increases, we will help you turn these audiences to paying customers. We do this by creating and structuring content around your customer journey and what they need at each point. This strategy is guaranteed to increase your hotel bookings and awareness of your hospitality company. Book a free consult with us today to get started.